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If you are in education, this is a one-stop shop for your classified ads whether offering or are on the lookout for something.



Your chance to connect with like-minded people nationally and internationally and share concerns or aspirations.

Teacher Training Academy

You have set your heart on becoming a language teacher and don’t know where to start? You wish to seek teaching employment worldwide? You want to work online and teach people from countries afar? We have the answer to your aspirations!

EdWiBo Academy has put everything in place for you! Our Teacher Training Courses will prepare you for a successful career in ELT and furnish you with all the necessary knowledge and skills. You will graduate with a Cambridge CELTA qualification (Level 5).

Our EdWiBo Academy doesn’t just train teachers; but endeavours to craft tomorrow’s highly qualified professionals through arranging internships and personal mentoring during their course!


You want to talk to a colleague across borders? You have a problem to share? You enjoy prying into other people’s issues? You seek some friendly advice? You hope to emulate good practices seen locally or across the globe? We have the app for you!

Ed-Talk can help you do all these and much more! Ed-Talk opens a window to the world and room to chat. Ed-Talk is cross-border chatting app specific to those working in Education, through which they may share knowledge, feelings, concerns and the like.


You are on the lookout for some item or service? You have something you wish to offer for sale? You have something you do not need, but may be wanted by others? We bring a worldwide market to your fingertips! 

Ed-Ads is a professional environment, where people in education can post classified ads so as to reach like-minded people of the same profession.

If you are an educator, visit the Ed-Ads often! You never know when this “ONE” great bargain will be waiting there for you.

Are you a teacher of English? Are you a learner wishing to improve your language level? Are you interested in language exams?

Hold tight! We will soon bring your way a number of interesting goodies, such as:

Do you want to be a collaborative institution?