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In today’s ever-evolving ELT educational landscape, the demand for highly qualified and efficient teachers has never been more critical. Recognising this essential need, Edwibo’s Teacher Training Course is designed not to only enhance the teaching profession, but also to directly support schools like yours in nurturing future generations.

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Our programme is meticulously crafted to produce not just teachers, but educators who are passionate, knowledgeable, and equipped with the latest pedagogical strategies.

By joining our collaboration, your school gains direct access to staff, ready to make an immediate and positive impact in your school.

You can enhance your educational programmes offerings and meet staffing needs with confidence, knowing that you’re integrating individuals who are prepared to excel.

Our teacher training course places a significant emphasis on a comprehensive set of skills, ensuring that our certificate holders are not just proficient in language teaching methodologies but are also adept at fostering an inclusive and effective learning environment.

This partnership allows your school to enhance its language programmes with teachers who meet the highest standards of ELT education.

Collaborating with EdWiBo, gives you access to teaching internships that offer real classroom experience.

This means that when you welcome an intern into your school, you’re not just getting an extra pair of hands; you’re getting someone who is actively applying modern teaching methods under your guidance.

This initiative not only supports your current staff but also enriches your students’ learning experience.

In addition to teaching internships, our programme includes apprenticeships in the administrative side of education.

This allows your school to benefit from office staff support that will contribute to the smooth operation of administrative functions.

Be a collaborative institution.