Education Without Borders

What is ED-Talk

Ed-Talk is a public where educators can communicate with other educators;
We build a niche platform where educators from all over the world will be able to get (almost) instant feedback for their question.

Key features of Ed-Talk include:

  • Exclusivity: Ed-Talk is exclusive to educators and learners.
  • Questions & Answers: Ed-Talk users may post questions and receive answers from people in education.
  • Polls: Users may choose to collect answers to polls from a preferred target group or from educators worldwide.
  • Messaging: Ed-Talk users may exchange text-based messages or share links with individuals or groups.
  • User profiles: Ed-Talk users have their own editable profiles that include username, photo and basic biodata.
  • Notifications: Ed-Talk users may receive notifications on incoming messages in their email inbox.
  • Rewards: Ed-Talk users may collect reward points in recognition of their participation in answering questions from fellows, as well as for referring Ed-Talk to other educators across the globe.
  • Moderation tools: Moderation tools will be used to manage Ed-Talk and ensure they remain respectful and compliant with community guidelines. Moderation may include enforcement regulations, such as muting or banning users and removing inappropriate content on the grounds of it being insulting, offensive, abusive, vulgar or libellous.
  • Privacy and security: Ed-Talk has incorporated privacy and security features to protect Ed-Talk users’ personal information and ensure the confidentiality of their conversations. This includes an option for reporting abusive behaviour or content.

Why use ED-Talk ?

Ed-Talk serves as a platform for social interaction, collaboration, community building, and knowledge sharing among users with shared interests and goals in the field of teaching and learning.